Affiliate programs are common throughout the Internet and offer social media influencers, bloggers, e-mail & Whatsapp marketers and website owners an additional way to profit from their activities. Content creators and sales people create content and include links to other websites that have affiliate programs. If that visitor clicks on the advertised link and makes a purchase on a merchant’s website then the affiliate website owner receives a commission for the sale. So essentially, affiliates generate traffic and sales for other websites and in return receive a commission payment. Whether you own a successful blog, website, email list or social media page, we can help you earn some serious commissions from your valuable traffic. It’s easy to sign-up and requires only a little technical knowledge. It’s also a great side hustle and way to earn additional income from monetising the content you already love creating. In our program, affiliates are set to receive up to a 30% commission and is one of South Africa’s hottest (and most generous) pay-per-sale programs – and entirely free to join.

New Affiliate Registration

How Our Program Works:

  • Sign up for your affiliate account
  • If approved, you will then receive custom links and a coupon code. We will provide you with all the creative (banners, text links, html mailers and more) to display.
  • Post your affiliate URL anywhere you like! (e-mail lists, whatsapp/sms lists, websites, blogs, social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…) etc.)
  • A buyer visits our website via your affiliate URL/code, banner, or advertising picture link and places a successful order of products on our website.
  • We handle the order, shipment, and billing. You earn the commission.


  • Free to join. No startup or maintenance fees. Earn a growing passive income from day 1
  • Earn 30% commission on qualifying sales you generate. Including bonus commissions  from time to time too!
  • Earn a (Tier 1) 10% commission on qualifying sales of any affiliate that joined under your affiliate link.
  • Earn a (Tier 2) 5% commission on qualifying sales of any affiliate that joined under your Tier 1.
  • Commissions are calculated within 72 hours.
  • Payouts are done the first week of every month.

Still need help?

Please e-mail us with any further questions. ANYTIME! We’re always here to help.

How Much Can You As An Affiliate Make?

Earn up to 30% in commissions.

Fast Track Performance Rewards: When you exceed a certain amount of sales you will automatically be moved up to the next Payout Level and receive a higher commission.

Payout levels initially work on a sliding scale until R8000.00 in sales have been made, upon which you will receive the highest percentage payout level. Sales are cumulative and do not reset, except for when an account has been closed.

Payout Level 1: 10% of sale total (for combined sales up to R2000.00)
Payout Level 2: 15% of sale total (for combined sales R2000.01 to R4000.00)
Payout Level 3: 20% of sale total (for combined sales R4000.01 to R8000.00)
Payout Level 4: 30% of sale total (for combined sales R8000.01+)

Payout levels for Tier Affiliates (recruited under your affiliate account using a link provided.)

Payout Level 1 (Tier 1): 10% of sale total (the affiliate (Tier 1) signed up under your link)
Payout Level 2 (Tier 2)5% of sale total (an affiliate that signed up under your Tier 1 affiliate)

Affiliates are paid to their South African bank account via EFT (i.e. FNB, Absa, Standard Bank, Nedbank, Capitec, etc.)

Affiliate Sales Example:

Let’s say you refer 2000 visitors, and only 5% of those visitors place and order (with an average of R500 p/order) that’s R15,000 in commissions.

2000 x 5% = 100 orders (referred orders on payout level 4)
100 x R500 (average order value) = R50 000 (referred gross revenue)
R50 000 x 30% = R15,000 (referral commissions will be paid to you)

Tier Affiliate Sales Example:

Using the example above: 
If your Tier 1 affiliate earns R15,000 in commissions, you earn R1,500.00
If the Tier 2 affiliate earns R15,000 in commissions, you earn R 750.00, and your Tier 1 affiliate earns R1,500.00.

And with our 90 Day IP/Cookie Tracking: Your referrals will be tracked for 90 days, which means that you will be credited with the commission even if a customer only places an order 3 months down the line.

Login 24 hours a day to our real-time Statistics and Reporting to check your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your links and banners are performing.

Important To Note:

Acceptance into the NuLengths Affiliate program is not always guaranteed. While we carefully consider every application submitted, applications may be rejected for the various reasons, including:

  1. Program is full at the moment
  2. Incomplete or false contact information
  3. Failure to disclose promotional methods
  4. Unacceptable website/ social media content, including promotion of activity considered illegal.
  5. Inability to verify social(s), website(s), and e-mail(s).

Accounts that are inactive for 120 days or more will be closed. You can always re-apply at a later date! This allows us to be more involved with our active affiliates and approve new affiliates who would like to work with our brand.

The Steps To Join:

We will have you onboard and earning in a few easy steps:

  1. Click on the button below and fill out the short application form on our affiliate system to join.
  2. You will receive introductory e-mails sent to your registered e-mail address.
  3. Promote our products and specials through your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc), e-mail databases, whatsapp, sms contacts and websites. You will have access to special discount codes only you as an affiliate can offer to your followers.
  4. Your followers will be able to use these special codes (coupons) during checkout on our website to get special discounts with every purchase.
  5. You earn a 30% commission on every purchase your followers make, this commission is paid out to you once every month.

So, in a nutshell, affiliate marketing is a great way for you to earn money online by promoting NuLengths and NuLengths affiliated products.